Nail Reconstruction

Modern Cosmetic Nail Correction

nail-correctionOur feet carry us around all of our lives, day in day out, patiently and dutifully. They have to tolerate every day stress, like standing too long at work, tight shoes, insufficient airing and too much moisture. Our feet deserve better

Our feet want to be seen, well cared for and beautiful. Today, nail diseases can be treated permanently and successfully with nail cosmetic treatments. This has become possible by the development of modern corrective materials. The modern foot care product “WILDE-PEDIQUE PLUS” is especially effective for the treatment in the management of your individual problem.

What does modern toe nail correction mean?

WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is a means to restore the toe nail partially or completely thus providing an attractive cosmetic result. The 1-phase resin is a light curing synthetic resin which is cured in a light unit. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is an elastic gel that adjusts to the movements of the nails and feet. Thus the artificial nail feels completely natural, since it fits perfectly to the natural nail.

Your WILDE-PEDIQUE plus specialist will determine the individual shade of the resin according to the disease and problem. Thus discolouring of the nail can be covered or the nail bed colour can be improved.

If there are no problems (pressure points, lifting or special diseases) the synthetic material grows out with the natural nail. Theoretically WILDE-PEDIQUE plus grows out with the natural nail within 10 months. In order to ensure a permanent and attractive result, WILDE-PEDIQUE plus should be refilled.

Permanent French look

By using modern synthetic resins a permanent French look IS possible without a long drying period. WILDE-PEDIQUE plus is then applied in two colors, pastel and white. The free nail end is white and the nail bed softly pastel colored.


Who should use Wilde Pedique?

Basically this treatment can be applied to ANYONE with any nail condition; in fact the nail doesn’t even need to be traumatised or diseased; as it will enhance “normal” nails.

  • Fungal Infected Toenails: Wilde Pedique will instantaneously improve the look of the nail, and will keep the infection at bay. You can even apply the special LCN antifungal liquid onto the nail, to treat the underlying infection.
  • Traumatised Toenails: Wilde Pedique will instantaneously improve the look of nails that have been damaged by being stubbed/bruised while playing a sport, wearing tight shoes or just simply being trodden on.
  • Just for a New Fresh Look: Even if you got nothing wrong with your toenails, Wilde Pedique can be applied for a permanent healthy cosmetic look. Why not try the permanent French Look.
What are the properties of Wilde Pedique?
  • No Odour
  • No Discolouration – Once an Acrylester Resin has been cured for about 2 minutes under a UV-A light, the material is completely cured and will not change.
  • No Primer/Chemical Activator – LCN gels use no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate.
  • No Damage to the Natural Nail – As the gel cures to a flexible surface, it will not damage or hinder the natural nail growth.
What are Acrylester Resins?

They are a high grade plastic material which are extremely flexible and are, therefore, more suited for use on extremely flexible natural nail surfaces. When they polymerise (harden when exposed to UV-A light) they form very long molecular chains which give them their flexible properties.

Translated into practical terms, this means the material is more suited to growing out on the nail plate, which means it will take longer before lifting occurs and this means a longer period of time between fills.


WILDE PEDIQUE is a One Component, light cured, Acrylester Resin developed specifically for corrective and restorative toe nail treatments. That is to say that it is a self-levelling gel that has the ability to bond to a surface, add strength, and cure (harden) with a glossy finish. It will only cure when exposed to UV-A light.