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Leyton Foot Clinic is an established provider of foot care in the community. The aim of this practice is to alleviate foot pain, improve foot function and try to prevent further suffering and deformity where possible. The founder of Leyton Foot Clinic is a HCPC registered podiatrist: Mr Satvinder Munday – also known as Tony Munday – who qualified in 1990 from the prestigious London Foot Hospital, after having done a 3 year full time podiatry course. He then worked as an associate Podiatrist in several private clinics in central London, aswell as NHS posts in Hargingey and Ealing Health Authorities; before establishing the Leyton Foot Clinic.

Further studies involved:

BSc (hons) course in Westminster University in the field of Podiatric Medicine

CPS (Sports Pod) course in Manchester Metropolitan University in the field of Sports Podiatry

Lower Limb acupuncture – use of acupuncture in pain management

Foot Mobilisation – manual therapy movements in foot pain management

As a part of the HCPC rules – Podiatrists constantly attend continuing professional courses to further enhance techniques and apply latest cutting edge theories and ideologies to treatments – such as the introduction of the latest Foot Laser Scanner equipment, which is able to scan the sole of each foot quickly and effectively. This then provides a set of data, from which a pair of medically prescribed orthotics are milled using a computerised milling machine. These “tailor made, error free” orthotics are then worn by the patient to correct alignment and reduce excessive forces that may be the cause of pain.

Leyton Foot Clinic is one of the few podiatry clinics in the UK to offer a new therapy known as Foot Mobilisation Techniques: derived from manipulative therapy, an established treatment widely used by physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy practitioners. Foot Mobilisation is a gentle, hands-on approach that corrects misaligned joints in your feet, so they can work as nature intended. Often misaligned joints in the feet lead to postural problems which can cause pain in the knees, legs, hips and even lower back.

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