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General Knee Pain

Hello – during this COVID lockdown, lots of you may be experiencing General Knee Pain due to the increased running or other keep fit exercises that you are all undertaking. General knee pain is located around the knee cap, but no specific point of tenderness can be located.

I have found by experience that the majority of people don’t actually stretch or warm-up before exercising. This can cause a strain on the muscles of the leg and pull the knee cap to cause general Knee Pain. Occasionally the muscles on the front of your thigh – called the Quadraceips – are too tight to due inactivity or become tighter with increased running and lack of stretching or warming up. So it is vital to stretch and warm-up before doing any activity – especially running. The key to stretching and warm-up exercises is to maintain control and take things easy – so has to have a full effect on the muscle that you are working out.

Should you be unfortunate to have general knee pain, there is a few things that you can do:

  • Rest or simply reduce the activity time for a week or so.
  • Ice the knee with a bag of peas from the freezer – applying to the area via a cloth, so as not to “freeze” the skin around the area – keep it applied for 5 minutes only and repeat every hour.
  • Compression knee bandage – though most therapists don’t advise any compression bandages; if you feel that your general knee pain requires support, you are free to wear a support for a short time only. But don’t rely on it, as it has been said that the muscles get weaker and you then have to strengthen them more exercises.
  • Elevate the knee if it is very swollen initially, but once the swelling has reduced – start using the knee careful to gain mobility and strength. You can use an ant-inflammatory gel; like Bio-Freeze (my recommendation) or ibugel.

If you were able to attend the clinic – we could use acupuncture, laser and even kinesiology taping call Rocktape. All of which will aid to reduce the inflammation and increase mobility. As currently under COVID lockdown – I found some great advice by Rocktape as to how to self treat and tape your general knee pain – I hope that you find it interesting; should you need to purchase some Rocktape or Bio-Freeze, call the Leyton Foot Clinic on 02085199477.

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