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Do you know how to tie your laces to your foot type while you are exercising? Just as exercise is important for health – tying your laces, for your foot shape, is equally important to ensure a good fit and support of your foot by your trainers. Properly fitted trainers will prevent you from having an injury, and help you to have a pain free exercise regime – whether it be running, gym or weight etc

While in this Viral Pandemic Lockdown, everyone has listened to the guidelines and ventured out for essential things e.g. exercise, shopping and medications. This lockdown has seen an increase in people taking up running as their one form of exercise; thus increasing the stress on feet. Podiatrists have had calls from people who are experiencing heel, calf, shin, arch or ball of foot pain.

Some may require rehabilitation advice from the podiatrist – namely stretching and strengthening exercises – but there are others that may have their issues resolved by simply tying their laces to accommodate their foot type e.g. wide feet, high arch, bunion, heel slippage.

Each pair of feet are unique, which is why using the right lacing technique will matter in your running performance; to relieve the foot fatigue or nagging pain by adjusting the laces right. Runners lacing techniques are basic to master. They can help you or fail you depending on

  • the lacing material;
  • the number of holes;
  • the type of knot you use to secure the laces;

Despite being a minor issue, getting the lacing perfect will make a big difference in the overall comfort and support of your shoes. The video below, will show you how to alter your lacing method to accommodate a unique foot condition. If one lace method doesn’t work, try another or even be creative and combine methods.


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