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Taking into account the brand-new government guidelines and combined with the advice from the College of Podiatry, we have arrived at plan as to how to re-open Leyton Foot Clinic:

  • The clinic will be re-opening in a restricted capability from the first of June.
  • We will be opening 4 days a week (Wednesday to Saturday) in the beginning; with only one podiatrist on duty each day.
  • Just one patient will be allowed entry into the clinic at once, so we request you to attend your appointment by yourself and on time. If this is not feasible, please inform us; so that we can factor this in at the time of booking, so as to guarantee we maintain social distancing.
  • Each treatment time will be thirty minutes, to ensure that you can show up and leave, without bumping into other patients, as well as to permit us additional time to sanitize the clinic.
  • Our podiatrist will be using the advised PPE and increased hand-washing techniques, along with other infection control procedures for each individual patient.
  • We would advise patients to sanitize their hands on entering and exiting the clinic, but there is no other requirement for patients to use any other PPE, however you are free to use any type of PPE you wish, provided you bring your own.

All measures that have been put into place are to keep both our staff and our patients safe, so thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We will keep you updated if any of these plans change.

We look forward to seeing you and thank you again for the support you have shown Leyton Foot Clinic since its opening. We wish our patients and their family and friends good health and hope.

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