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So I’ve just got back from Florence, just in time for the back-to-school rush – but what wonderful sights I saw on my trip: architecture, museums, countryside and not forgetting The Statue of David – if you have not seen it, then make an effort to go – it’s really breath-taking.

The other sights that I saw were lots of designer shops – that my daughter really loved, but my credit card really hated! But what father can resist the fluttering eyes of his little princess.

While “shopping” I came across a Geox Shoe Shop and in the window saw the poster for their awesome Back-To-School kids shoe range called “X-Led”, as a podiatrist I was amazed by them – have a look at this video to see why:

X-Led shoe combined funky technology and the top 5 things that I look at when recommending Kids Shoes:

  • There should be a child’s thumb width between the end of the shoe and the end of the longest toe.
  • The widest part of the foot should correspond with the widest part of the shoe.
  • The fastening mechanism should hold the heel firmly in the back of the shoe.
  • The sole should not twist.
  • The heel should be snug but comfortable and the back part of the shoe strong and stable.

If you are concerned about your kids feet and would like more help, why not come along to the Leyton Foot Clinic and see one of our podiatrists.

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