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Those with Celiac Disease avoid gluten due to the immune response that damages the villi in the small intestine. Over time, the damage prevents the absorption of nutrients into the body. Grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and even some oat products contain gluten. The destruction is irreversible and the only known treatment is a carefully controlled diet.

September 13 denotes #CeliacDiseaseAwarenessDay … and while doing some research I came across an article that caught my attention – Celiac Disease and Foot Pain – I had never heard of Gluten Ataxia Gait until I had read the article; just shows that you can teach an old dog, like me, new information!

So it appears that Gluten Ataxia is a chronic condition that causes problems with balance and gait. It occurs when the antibodies that are produced in response to the ingestion of gluten attack the cerebellum, the portion of the brain located in the back of the skull just above your neck. The cerebellum plays a vital role in controlling movement, helping you coordinate the motions associated with activities like articulating speech, walking or running, as well as controlling posture and balance. Should the cerebellum be comprised, then a host of symptoms are seen like abnormal gait, balance or speech.

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