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Pinch Kick 1st November

Pinch Kick (well we are a Podiatry Clinic) – FIRST of NOVEMBER is here. Wishing all our patients a Happy and safe bonfire/fireworks night on 5th November … also not forgetting those celebrating Diwali on 7th – Happy Diwali to you and your families.

If you are letting of some fireworks, please remember to use the firework code and as it may be a bit nippy at this time of the month, please remember to wear warm thick socks, primarily made from wool for the best insulation. They lock in the heat as you’re leaving the house and encourage it to grow, as you’re moving around. Combine them with your best trainers or wellies, and you probably won’t even give your feet a second thought when you’re outdoors.

When you’re spending time outdoors, you need shoes that’ll stop the water from pouring between your toes. That means it’s time to get the wellies out then. Because without waterproof footwear, even when seepage starts as a trickle, the wetness soon gathers. While some schools of thought suggest that viruses alone trigger colds, there is evidence to support the idea that wet feet won’t make matters any better. According to some research from the experts at Cardiff University, having cold and wet feet slows down your nose’s epithelium’s reactions. In other words, it means your nose is less likely to keep pesky viruses out. This says there’s a strong case for keeping your feet both warm AND dry when you’re attending events such as Bonfire Night.

Did you know … That although everyone loves a steaming cup of tea or coffee for staying warm. But, will it do your feet any good? Science says, probably not. Although caffeine keeps you energised for a short while, it also acts a vasoconstrictor. This means there’s less blood flowing through your vessels. Blood isn’t just essential for delivering oxygen and removing toxins; it keeps your feet warm. While the vasoconstriction is probably minimal when you’re aiming to do everything you can to promote warm feet, every little bit can help.

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